The Applicant Tracking System Landscape

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Last updated December 7, 2018

The Applicant Tracking Systems Landscape

The applicant tracking landscape of companies is fast evolving. There are different applicant tracking systems catering to companies of different sizes and different industries. From lightweight ATSs such as Google Hire, Greenhouse all the way to the heavy lifters like Taleo, Workday or industry specific ones such as Brassring there is an ATS for every company.

As a result, this space is extremely fragmented. While buyers have many choices, as an applicant tracking system you can capture limited market unless you are able to serve a wide variety of use cases. So if you are selling another applicant tracking system it is important to understand how best to position yourself in lieu of competition. Also you may be interested in looking up contract renewal dates of your prospects, so you can time your outreach better.

If you are selling a technology that integrates with ATSs, it is important to understand which ATS being used by your prospects before you reach out. Also perhaps you can time your reachouts better by talking to them right when then move to an ATS.

Also, if you offer staffing, recruitment consulting or integration services it is still important to understand what ATS companies use, so you are able to stand out from competition and come across as someone who has researched his/her target market well.

Where Does Technographics Come into the Picture?

Technographics gives you a clear picture of the existing IT systems that your target companies are currently leaning on. So if you want a complete overview of the applicant tracking landscape in use, then Technographics will give you all the data that you need.

This data is essential for you if your product is one that needs to integrate with the existing ATS. Even if you're developing a competitive product, Technographics gives you a clear idea of what kind of features their current technology is providing, as well as the length of contract and deal renewal dates.

If you're looking to include Technographics in your marketing or sales prospecting strategy, then Slintel is the right place for you. We are a one-stop shop for everything related to Technographics, providing comprehensive data about the leading software that is being used by businesses around the world. We also provide you with a good idea of what your competitors are up to and how you can penetrate the market with your product.

The Biggest Names in ATS

When it comes to Applicant tracking, there are a number of tech companies that lay claim to the title of the best in business. Since the market is so fragmented, many boast of a significant user base which is usually above the 1,000 mark. Let's take a look at some of the top technologies in the field and where they stand-

  • Taleo

    Taleo was founded in 1996 and has been slowly establishing itself as the leading technology provider in the field of HR. This led to its eventual acquisition by the IT giant Oracle in 2012. However, the company still uses its Taleo name for its ATS product.

    We have the data for over 4,700 of their clients, which includes mostly mid to large-sized companies. Aditya Birla Group, Airtel, JP Morgan Chase, Lexus, Red Bull, Morgan Stanley, Hitachi, HSBC and Tesla are some of their more notable clients.

    Internet Collaborative Information Management Systems (iCIMS) is another preferred technology partner for companies looking to digitize their applicant tracking systems. We have information on more than 4,500 of their clients, including the likes of Amazon, 7-Eleven, Lafarge, Sony and Hard Rock Cafe inc.
  • Bamboohr

    Bamboohr is a relatively new player in this market, having been founded in 2008. However it is fast making headway and is biting at the heels of the top companies like Taleo and iCIMS. We have data on 2,900+ of their users and most of its client base comprises of small to mid-sized companies. It seems to be doing particularly well in the start-up segment.
  • SAP SuccessFactors

    SAP is one of the biggest IT companies in the world and its prime offering in the HR segment is SAP SuccessFactors. It is one of the most sought-after technologies in the market and boasts of an optimum combination of functionality and usability. We have a list of more than 1,400 customers who are currently using SuccessFactors to fulfill their Applicant Tracking needs. Some of the big companies on this list are Dominon Energy, Amway, Asian Paints, Mahindra, Mars, Nielsen, John Deere, Goodyear, Hallmark and Technicolor.
  • IBM BrassRing

    IBM is another IT juggernaut with a premium product in the ATS landscape. BrassRing takes a quality over quantity approach and tend to attract the bigger companies with its pricing and functionality factors. Their key customers include some prominent names such as Kmart, Mattel, Motorola, Sears, Harvard University, and Volvo IT. We have data on more than 600 of their clients.


These are some of the most notable players on the market right now, but there are many others who are growing their market share. We have data for over 2,900 users of Workable; who are establishing themselves as a preferred choice for small to mid-sized businesses. We've also listed 2,600+ customers of Jazz HR, whose marquee clients include Colombia University, Tsogo Sun Hotels, Securitas AB and Opportunity International.

Another player to take note of is Google Hire, which is still a fledgling technology thus far. However the fact that Google is innovating a brand new world of technology means that this is one Applicant Tracking System that you definitely need to watch out for.

Slintel also has the data of over 1,000 clients for other industry players such as Frontline Recruiting and Hiring,  Workday Recruiting, Applicant Pro and Greenhouse.
The Applicant Tracking Systems Landscape currently has a heady mix of products from established IT juggernauts, as well as up-and-coming players who are carving out a niche for themselves with good pricing and easy functionality. It has something for any company in any business right now, and the fact is that businesses across sectors are tapping these technologies for their benefit.

Odds are that your target companies are also part of this landscape and are already on the bandwagon of some of the names mentioned above. Would you like to know who's using what and where your product can fit in? Then register on Slintel today and receive all the Technographics you need to build smarter campaigns.