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Last updated January 12, 2019

One of the leading applicant tracking systems in the world, Taleo was founded in 1996 in Quebec City, Canada. Since then the company has embarked upon a journey of constant research and development to become one of the early front-runners in the HR technology segment.

By 2011, Taleo had acquired several other recruiting software companies to establish itself as the market leader. At this point, they had a clientele that included most of the Fortune-100 companies. In 2012, global technology behemoth Oracle acquired Taleo for $1.9 billion. However, they continued using the Taleo brand name, and the company has only moved to greater heights since then.

The Taleo talent-management suite uses 'Talent Intelligence' to provide a higher level of insights on prospective job candidates and current employees. The Taleo cloud service incorporates recruitment marketing and employee referrals to provide an end-to-end applicant tracking, recruitment, and onboarding solution.

Given its strong position in the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) segment, it is absolutely imperative for any company integrating or competing with Taleo to understand the Taleo customer landscape. This helps you to identify how your product can fit in and the target companies that are more likely to opt for your product.

You can find all the technical insights about Taleo on Slintel. We provide technographics to give you a clear picture of the existing IT systems employed by companies across the world. This includes information on the technologies that are being used by businesses for critical functions such as Marketing, Human Resources (HR), Finance, Accounting, Customer Management, and Sales. 

To illustrate, let's have a look at what our data tells us about the Taleo landscape.

The Market Leading ATS Software

Taleo already had a strong talent management platform in place and the Oracle acquisition has only strengthened its position in the market. We have information on more than 7,600 Taleo users across diverse sectors such as banking, agriculture, biotechnology, energy, construction, retail, health care, oil and gas, hospitality, travel, fashion, automation and more.

Our data shows that the vast majority of Taleo customers are based in the United States, while many top-tier companies in Europe, Australia, and South Asia are also making use of Taleo for their HR needs.

Some of the major names on the Taleo customer list are:

Genpact provides business process management and information technology services.

Manpower Canada
Manpower Canada is a staffing and recruiting company specializing in recruitment services.

Molina Healthcare
Since 1980 Molina Healthcare has been a leader in providing quality healthcare to those who depend on government assistance.

HSBC Global Asset Management
HSBC Global Asset Management provides a comprehensive range of investment management solutions .

General Electric (ge)
General Electric Company offers infrastructure and financial services worldwide.

Barclays is a global financial services company that provides various financial products and services worldwide.

Fujitsu provides information technology and communications solutions.


Taleo has lost 28 customers in the past month, including Career Planning company Zippia, Inc. There have had 25 new additions though, with the likes of Genpact and VentureFizz opting to utilize Taleo as their ATS.

The period of April-May 2020 could be a window of opportunity for those interested in Taleo clients, as more than 89 of their current client's contract renewals are due to happen during this time. This list includes huge clients such as The Economist, Air Canada, Cox Communications and Nagarro. 


Key Competitors

As you can see from our data on their customer base, Taleo is on the top amongst players in the ATS market. However, it does face stiff competition from other leading technology providers.

One of the biggest competitors is iCIMS which offers a tracking and recruiting software with features such as customer advisory services, support, consulting, implementation, training, and education. We have more than 7,500 customers listed for iCIMS. 

Other significant competitors in the ATS landscape include Bamboo HR, Workable, Workday Recruiting and Greenhouse. We have more than 4,300 clients listed for the first three of those companies, while we also have a list of 3500+ Greenhouse customers. Overall, the trends show that there is significant movement between all these companies, as many clients shift ATS technologies on a regular basis.



This is just a brief overview of the kind of business intelligence that Slintel can equip you with. Our comprehensive technographics cover everything from customer lists, movements, adoption rates and attrition. We also provide key information on each and every company that's listed, which include their funding size, location, technology landscape and even the contact details of their key personnel.

The information about technology landscapes is especially important, as it enables you to find out where your technology can fit in. This helps address any queries about integration and implementation even before the customer can pose the question, thus empowering your sales and marketing team to be on the front foot during client acquisition.

Slintel Technographics are being used by a number of sales and marketing teams across the globe. If you would like to learn more, just book a demo on our website and we will give you a walkthrough.