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Last updated January 12, 2019


One of the biggest digital disruptors in the field of marketing, Hubspot has grown exponentially after being set up in 2006 by two students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Since then it has gone on to become the standard-bearer of social media marketing, content marketing, and campaign automation.

Hubspot has become the tool of choice for marketers at small to large-sized companies globally. It serves a variety of functions and is scalable to the requirements of each particular customer. This all-in-one approach has helped the company achieved its current position as a market leader in the field of marketing software

Hubspot is used by companies for marketing automation, campaign management, lead generation, landing page generation, marketing analytics, search marketing and more. The unique selling point of Hubspot is that it provides an overall solution that can be utilized for a variety of purposes, thus helping it beat off competition from companies that provide specialized products for each domain.

Any company in the marketing technology sector, whether just starting out or in a relatively good position already, needs to recognize Hubspot as the apex predator in the field. This is exactly why one would need high-level technology insights that can reveal which companies are using Hubspot and for what purpose. These technographics will help companies understand their opportunities and where their product offering can be a practical and attractive alternative to a potential customer.

Slintel can provide exactly the kind of information that one would need for this purpose. Our comprehensive database consists of key technical details that can help you keep track of the customer adoption, movements and customer renewals of several market-leading technologies, including Hubspot.

Let's take a look at what our data tells us about the Hubspot customer landscape, how it's being used for diverse purposes, and how it stacks up to competitors.

Key Customers

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We have a total of more than 35,300 Hubspot customers who are using the software for a variety of key marketing functions. The Hubspot landscape features numerous small to large-sized companies, mostly based out of North America and Europe.

Hubspot users are from various different segments including healthcare, analytics, electronics, consulting, food and beverage, advertising, insurance, logistics, cloud security, and more. Some of the biggest names that stand out from that list are-

  • Bit Defender

Based out of Bucharest, Romania and with 500 million users as of 2018, Bit Defender is the fifth-largest anti-malware application vendor in the world.

  • MarketSwitch

MarketSwitch is the leader in the emerging business category of Enterprise Marketing Optimization.

  • Day & Zimmermann

They specialize in construction & engineering, staffing and defense solutions for leading corporations and governments around the world.

  • Softtek

They are a technology firm that provides process-driven IT solutions to its clients.

  • Spherion Staffing  

Spherion Staffing Services is a leading recruiting and staffing provider

  • Cognizant 

Cognizant is a professional services company, transforming clients’ business, operating and technology models for the digital era.

  • NetApp 

NetApp is a hybrid cloud data services company.

These are just a few of the prominent names on the list, with several other top-tier companies opting for Hubspot to take care of their marketing technology needs.

Hubspot also ranks very high on our exhaustive list of marketing automation tech providers. We have a list of 17,500+ customers using Hubspot for this function. 55 customers have switched to Hubspot over the past month as well, mostly from the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. However, their attrition rate was higher, with 66 customers opting out of using Hubspot for their marketing automation needs. There are a number of Hubspot renewals coming up in the coming few months, which presents a good opportunity for potential competition.

When it comes to Marketing Analytics, we have a list of well over 35,300 Hubspot customers. Some of the main competition that it is facing in this domain comes from the likes of Pardot, Sumo, Marketo, and Heap. Hubspot also has a much higher attrition rate for this function as compared to others. In the past month, it has seen 100 companies end their association, with 72 new companies coming in.

Landing Page generation has been one of the biggest selling points for Hubspot over the years, and we have more than 34,500 customers listed who are using it for exactly this purpose. Here, the company is on the top of the list with 55 new additions. Two other key competitors here are Optimizely and Pardot, for whom we have 32,900 and 20,900 customers listed respectively.

Social Media management is another of Hubspot's strong features. Slintel has more than 35,300 customers listed, but there have been 59 deletions in the past month. 

All of these technology insights are easily available on Slintel. Our data can help you better sell your product offering through a better understanding of the market landscape and the ability to quickly identify leads with a better chance of a conversion. Do sign up for our free trial if you would like to check out the insights.