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Deepak Anchala

Last updated August 16, 2018

HR Tech Movements in July

The tech landscape of companies changes constantly. Every month, companies add new technologies to their portfolio or replace the older ones. At Slintel, we track what technologies companies use, and how this changes month on month.

Tracking the tech landscape of companies gives product marketing and sales teams a significant advantage over competition. As a product company, more often than not, you are either competing or integrating with a product your target company may be using. Knowing what technologies they use helps in refining messaging based on their current challenges.

Many companies today have adopted a technographics based marketing or sales approach in their GTM strategy, and this has yielded significant improvement to their revenue numbers.

At Slintel, we will bring you a summary of companies moving technologies every month. Some of these may be technologies you integrate or compete with. Here is a snapshot of companies adding/ dropping HR technologies in July:


Companies that added the technology in July

Companies that dropped the technology in July  

Total domains


  • Taskus
  • Wework
  • Coveo
  • Performics
  • Enernoc
  • Techcrunch

Find 1506 companies using Greenhouse here  


  • Techcrunch
  • Triplebyte
  • Pullstring
  • Fastly
  • Nextravel
  • Designmodo

Find 976 companies using Lever here


  • Shire
  • Performics
  • Hearts-Science
  • Roche
  • Stantec
  • Sapient

Find 9490 companies using Taleo here


  • NPR
  • Seaspine

Find 6207 companies using Ultipro here


  • Honorhealth
  • Comcast
  • Enernoc
  • NPR

Find 4529 companies using Icims here


  • Cookpad
  • Cloudacademy
  • FromAtoB
  • Hearts-Science
  • Pakfactory
  • Boomr

Find 2296 companies using Workable here

Workday Recruiting

  • Blackberry
  • Haemonetics
  • Onedigital
  • Cookpad

Find 2259 companies using Workday here


  • Stantec
  • Shire

Find 1273 companies using Brassring here

Success Factors

  • Ericsson
  • Boomi
  • Comcast
  • Worksoft
  • Devex

Find 1234 companies using SF here


  • Windriver
  • Worksoft
  • P3-group
  • Coveo

Find 1146 companies using Jobvite here


  • Fastly
  • Zapier
  • Diffblue
  • Flockcover

Find 860 companies using Breezy here


  • Dealeron

Find 848 companies using Jazz here

Also, here are some interesting technology movements this month. We’ve captured technologies the companies were using prior and now.


Interesting technology movements this month

You can look up customer adoption, movements and renewal dates of 300+ HR technologies here.


Company funding rounds in July

Sales and marketing teams often reach out to companies when they just raise a round of funding. This helps get their attention when they are flush with cash.

Here are some recent company funding announcements in July:

  • Fastly, a cloud security company that helps helps digital businesses deliver secure and scalable online experiences, raised $40M Series F round in July 2018
  • Monday, an enterprise collaboration platform that transforms the way teams work together, raised $50M Series C round in July 2018
  • Greenhouse, a recruiting optimization platform that helps companies build and scale their recruiting processes, raised $50M Series D round in July 2018
  • SessionM, a customer data and engagement platform, raised $23.8M Series E round in July 2018.
  • Culture Amp, an employee analytics platform that specializes in staff surveying and analytics, raised $40M in Series D funding in July 2018
  • Eventbase, a leading mobile event technology platform for global brands raised $6.5M in Series B in July 2018
  • Skillshare, an online learning community where anyone can discover or even teach a class, raised $20M in Series C in July 2018
  • Advance.AI, a data-driven financial technology company, raised $50M in Series B in July 2018
  • GrubMarket, a company that supplies local fresh food online with affordable prices and convenient delivery, raised $32M in Series C in July 2018
  • AnyVision, aAI design and development company that specializes in face, object and human recognition in mass crowd events, raised $28M in Series A in July 2018
  •, a developer of AI-based robot designed for autonomous driving, raised $102M in Series A in July 2018

Look up 300+ companies that raised funding in July here.


People movements May - July 2018

When senior management executives change companies, they are a lot more open to evaluating new products. Reaching out to them at this time tends to significantly improve the chances of getting a meeting.

Here are some recent HR senior management changes at leading companies:

  • Sian Abel joined Vertex Pharma as Executive Director, Human Resources in June 2018
  • Ian Stocker joined Study Group as Director, Global HR Operations in July 2018
  • Sarah Croman joined Carat as Director, Talent Operations in July 2018
  • Claire Head joined Santander UK as Deputy Chief HR Officer in June 2018
  • Stacy Schapira joined Caffe Nero as HR Director in June 2018
  • Lucy Clough joined Boohoo as Group HR Director in June 2018
  • Stacy Lambert joined BMJ Group as HR Director in May 2018
  • Dina Pratt joined Mesoblast as Senior Director, HR in May 2018
  • Petra Jacobs joined Federal Mogul as HR Director in June 2018
  • Thierry Lalchare joined Havas Worldwide as HR director in May 2018
  • Fabrizio Cometto joined Michael Cors as Director HR in May 2018
  • Sarah Tilley joined Disney Interactive as VP Talent Acquisition in June 2018
  • Cassie Hamelman joined Snyopsis as Director of Talent in May 2018
  • Corina Kolbe joined ZIllow as Senior Director, L&D in June 2018
  • Maria Perry joined Amtrust as Director, Talent Acquisition in June 2018
  • Steve Tharayil joined Suntrust Group as GVP, Talent Acquisition in June 2018
  • Betsy Kippenhan joined Comcast as VP, Human Resources in July 2018
  • Maria Dunn joined Managed by Q as VP, People in May 2018
  • Sebastian Unger joined Prudential Financial as VP, Talent Management in July 2018
  • Larry Dyk joined Oracle as VP, Global HR Services in May 2018

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