5 Lead Qualification Templates to Make your Life Easier

Everyone loves a full pipeline. Seeing a ton of leads coming through can directly contribute to more revenue, shorter sales cycles, and better team morale. 

But here’s the thing—when you’ve set up your CRM, sales intelligence platform, and marketing platform to perfection, you don’t want to then realize that a lot of leads in your system are of poor quality. 

If you’re encountering this issue, the culprit is probably the lack of clear, established criteria for moving your prospects down the funnel. Thankfully, the cure for this diagnosis is pretty straightforward.

Enter, lead qualification frameworks.

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Since every company qualifies its leads differently, we’ve created a downloadable resource for five unique lead qualification frameworks you can use today to improve the quality of your prospects.

The best part is that you can bake these templates into your prospecting processes or even your CRM. This way, reps won’t be able to push a lead through as a valid opportunity until they’ve verified the lead qualification criteria.

5 Lead Qualification Templates (Free Download)

The ideal lead qualification framework for your company depends on the nature of your business. If you’re a startup or a small business, you’ll look for something brief yet impactful (BANT and ANUM), whereas if you’re a large or enterprise company, you’d want to use a more comprehensive framework. 

Your criteria of moving one lead from one stage to another also depend on the sales processes you use.

Keeping all this in mind, we’ve created a free resource that’ll help you deal with prospects for all sizes of businesses. 

Our templates consist of five scientifically proven lead qualification frameworks you can use and even add to your sales CRM:

  • BANT – The BANT framework is an age-old framework that helps your team get started quickly and efficiently. 
  • ANUM – ANUM flips the switch on the BANT framework and focuses on the decision-makers and challenges of your prospects.
  • CHAMP – CHAMP is quite similar to BANT and ANUM but here timing is a part of prioritization and budget is given a low priority while qualifying your leads. 
  • MEDDIC – MEDDIC is a comprehensive framework that focuses heavily on the customer’s pain points and challenges before qualifying them as opportunities. The process is extremely popular in large companies and enterprises.
  • GPCTBA/C&I – GPCTBA/C&I is a framework introduced by HubSpot and it focuses on learning everything you can about your prospects to qualify leads. It’s probably the most comprehensive lead qualification framework that you can find available around. 

Each of these frameworks can be customized for building your own customized lead qualification process. For each framework, we have already included relevant questions you’ll need your prospects to answer. 

And if you feel you can add more to it, the templates are fully customizable. And the best part is, most popular CRMs are compatible with these templates themselves. 

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