2021 in Review: All The Best Bits from The Slintel Blog

Slintel: 2021 in Review

We wrapped up 2020 with a sense of optimism because, for some reason, we expected 2021 to magically rid itself of the pandemic. Then came 2021, and things seemed to have changed slightly. What also changed was our content game at Slintel. 

We wrote more, and we wrote often. Be it articles about technographics, buyer intent, sales processes, or light-hearted (but not for the faint-hearted) spooky sales short stories. Now that 2022 has arrived, we’d like to take a bite out of all the good stuff that happened on the Slintel blog in 2021 so you can go back and reread your favorite posts.

  1. Objection Handling: 18 Templates You Can Use Today!

Objections coming from prospects generally revolve around price, product, or competitors, or could simply be a way to brush you off. The key here is to create a way to ask the right questions so that you can help prospects address their objections, instead of being confrontational.  

  1. The 11 Best B2B Newsletters in 2021

Newsletters are a pretty nifty way of giving the masses not only the information they are looking for but the information they might need. We collated some of the best B2B newsletters that provide rich nuggets of information from selling to marketing to simply delighting you with actionable insights.

  1. Lead Qualification Frameworks 101

This article summed up everything you need to know about lead qualification and the different frameworks you can use to qualify a lead. It starts from the basics such as what exactly is lead qualification, and proceeds to explain advanced concepts like the different types of qualifying leads, and lead qualifying frameworks.

  1. Sales Methodology – Creating the Right Recipe to Improve Sales Revenue

While generating and qualifying leads is a key part of keeping a sales engine running, understanding how to sell to these prospects effectively is just as important. To close more deals, sales reps need to know how to efficiently move their prospects from one stage to the next. To help you with it, we wrote all about sales methodology.

  1. 5 Lead Qualification Templates to Make Your Life Easier

Everyone loves a full pipeline. But here’s the thing—when you’ve set up your CRM, sales intelligence platform, and marketing platform to perfection, you don’t want to then realize that a lot of leads in your system are of poor quality. Thankfully, the cure for this diagnosis is pretty straightforward. Enter, lead qualification frameworks.

  1. The 6 Stages of Sales Process: Sellers vs. Buyers

If you have asked top-performing sales teams about their success, you might have noticed a recurring theme—a well-defined process. We all aspire to have industry-leading sales processes in our own organizations, but those processes aren’t built overnight. They are iterated continuously. In order to get there, we need to first dive deep into what a sales process is. In this post, we did just that.

  1. Effective Sales Messaging 101: Emotions > Rationality

On the one-year anniversary special of Rambling Sessions, we sat down with Belal Batraway to understand how selling processes employ the different parts of our brain and prepare a blueprint to enhance sales messaging. 

  1. What is Buyer Intent Data? (An Interactive Simulation)

There’s a clear correlation between data and growth in the modern world. But not just any data, you want relevant actionable data that can propel your business towards a downpour of revenue. So what makes data relevant and actionable? Two simple words — buying intent.

  1. How To Calculate TAM (Total Addressable Market)

How do you sell more, faster and better? Simple, by understanding who’s buying you today. To be able to do this, knowing how to calculate your TAM becomes essential. In this article, we teach you exactly how that is done.

  1. Buying Intent: The Backbone of Sales & Marketing

Technology has come too far to still run poorly targeted campaigns to prospects that have zero interest in buying our products. As someone that is working in sales or marketing today, you DO have the ability to discover high-intent prospects for your company. That’s exactly what this blog post is about—buying intent, and how you can use it to aid your company’s growth. 

  1. How to Build a Sales Playbook (With Templates and Examples)

Whether you are a football team or a sales team, you need a playbook with all the plays needed to achieve your “goal”. In this article, we explained how to build a sales playbook in an easy, step-by-step manner.. We also created a template that you can use to build your own sales playbook

  1. 8 Cold Prospecting Email Templates for Your Sales Team

People hate reading unsolicited emails that aren’t personalized, come from a company name instead of the salesperson specifically, and never end. A good cold email is the one that gets read. Period. This article is a gold mine of 8 free cold email templates that you and your team can use right away.

  1. Tricky Treats: Spooky Sales Short Stories

We’re all mad here, and we let our crazy sides sneak out every once in a while. On Halloween, we published a collection of 35 spooky sales short stories which left our readers in splits AND spooked out at the same time!

  1. 6sense’s Acquisition of Slintel: An Open Letter to Our Employees

Ending this with one of our most special posts to go up on the blog in 2021—our Founder and CEO, Deepak Anchala’s official announcement about Slintel getting acquired by 6sense. It still feels surreal to see how far we’ve come, and doubly exciting to think about how much further there is to go!

These are some of the gems from our blog that attracted a lot of readers in 2021. As we take on 2022, we assure you that we will bring you more readable, shareable, and actionable content.

Wishing you all a fabulous new year!

Neha Mestry

Neha Mestry

Neha is a Content Marketer by day and an illustrator at night. With a profound interest in art and all things creative, Neha often indulges in creating content in various forms—blog posts, watercolor paintings, digital illustrations, and quick doodles. Oh, and she can survive an eternity on a deserted island as long as she has a good book (read: fiction only) by her side.

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