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Ami Dalsania
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Ami Dalsania is a freelance Content Marketer for 6sense India. Her expertise lies in crafting blogs, whitepapers and product reviews. When she isn’t reading or writing, she’s binge-watching, singing, dancing, and cooking.
How To Qualify a B2B Sales Prospect in 7 Simple Steps
Sales Prospecting July 07 2022

B2B sales prospecting needs focus and effort. The salesperson follows a precise series of steps to crack a sale. Find out how to qualify a sales prospect here.

How To Get Prospects to Return Your Call in 7 Simple Steps
Sales Prospecting July 07 2022

Getting prospects to return your calls is tough. But, salespeople use all tactics and strategies to crack the sale. Find out how to get prospects to return your call.

How To Make Your Sales Follow-ups More Effective
Sales Prospecting July 07 2022

Follow-up in sales is what major businesses should focus on to convert prospects to customers. Here’s how you can effectively follow up with your sales leads.

How To Build Trust With Your Prospects
Sales Prospecting July 07 2022

When buying, customers look for reliability, trust, and credibility. Using the strategies of building trust with prospects, brands can do it well.

How to Target Sales Prospects: A Step-By-Step Guide
Sales Prospecting July 07 2022

To conduct sales seamlessly, we need to know how to target sales prospects the right way. Find out how you can do it efficiently in this post.

How To Gather Psychographic Data of B2B Customers
B2B Sales July 07 2022

Psychological factors play a significant role in your customer’s buying preferences. You should collect psychographic data to study your customers and develop ad campaigns.

How To Use Psychographic Segmentation in B2B Sales & Marketing
B2B Sales July 07 2022

Psychographic segmentation is an effective tool for B2B sales and marketing. We'll look at how to use psychographics segmentation effectively in this article.

How To Measure The Purchase Intent of Your Buyers Effectively
Buying Intent July 07 2022

Purchase intent is the most critical factor in determining the success rate of your sales efforts. Here we discuss different ways to measure purchase or buyer intent.

How To Attract B2B Buyers for Your Business
B2B Sales July 07 2022

Be it a small business owner or a big company, there are many ways to attract buyers. This article will give you the best ways to attract B2B leads for your business.

How to Convert Leads Into Prospects in 5 Easy Ways
Sales Prospecting July 07 2022

Convert leads into prospects because they are potential customers. In this article, we’ve discussed five tips to convert leads into prospects.

How To Build A Winning B2B Sales Team: 6 Tips You Must Use
B2B Sales August 24 2022

Looking to start a B2B sales team? If so, you may need a little advice. We’re bringing you 5 tips to empower you to building a successful B2B sales team.

How To Create A B2B Sales Funnel The Right Way
B2B Sales August 24 2022

A sales funnel is a series of steps that lead prospects through the buying process. Learn how you can create a B2B sales funnel so you can convert more prospects to customers.

How To Get More Buyers for Your B2B Business Using 8 Tips
Sales Prospecting August 24 2022

If you're trying to figure out how to get more buyers for your B2B business, you've come to the right place. Check out 8 interesting ways to attract more B2B buyers.

How To Increase Your B2B Sales Pipeline And Keep It Growing
B2B Sales August 24 2022

There are many ways to increase your B2B sales pipeline. This post will cover five tips to help you improve your B2B sales pipeline to achieve this goal.

How To Move Prospects Through The B2B Sales Cycle Effectively
Sales Processes August 24 2022

B2B deals require multiple touchpoints at every single stage of the buying cycle. This article will teach you how to move prospects through the B2B sales cycle.

How To Scale B2B Sales: 6 Tips and Best Practices
Sales Processes August 24 2022

Scaling your sales is essential for many reasons. This blog will look at how to scale B2B sales using five specific strategies.

How To Sell SaaS Software the Right Way In 6 Easy Steps
B2B Sales August 24 2022

Selling SaaS is tricky. In this article, we’ll discuss 6 strategies that will help you sell your SaaS software and get guaranteed results.

How To Get More Meetings With Your Prospects
Sales Prospecting September 16 2022

Meetings can make or break a deal. However, book more sales meetings with your prospects, and improve your close rate from the seven proven strategies.

How To Build A Prospect List for B2B Sales In 6 Easy Steps
Sales Prospecting September 16 2022

Not hitting your numbers? Then it's time to revisit your prospect list. Here are 6 simple steps on how to build a kickass prospect list.

How To Build An SDR Team That You Can Count On
B2B Sales September 16 2022

Building an SDR team is more than just hiring people. This blog will guide you with the steps necessary to set up a sales team that's both efficient and effective.

How to Prospect Enterprise Accounts Like A Pro
Sales Prospecting September 16 2022

Prospecting is a dreaded but essential task for most salespeople. In this blog, we’ll take a look at the best ways to prospect enterprise accounts.

How To Write Sales Emails That Will Definitely Get Responses
Sales Prospecting September 16 2022

Read our article to learn how to write a sales email from start to finish that gets opens, reads, and positive replies from your potential buyers.